Profit making on the product Robot Process Automation for Loan Origination system

10 pages
Finance Institution


Company: Citizen Bank

Leadership Model: Transformation Leadership

Pros :

Establishes strong relationships

Helps bring enthusiasm and motivation into being
Encourages learning and stimulates creativity
Reduces employee turnover



Lost Details

Exaggerated Disagreements

Constant Maintenance


Top Five Organizational Strategic Goals:

Five strategic organizational for the enhancement

Improve employee satisfaction

Decrease the number of product returns

  • Customer Delivery time
  • Create impact measurement
  • Increase in new customers


Top Five Decisions that Leadership will have to make with the Implementation of the New Product:

Track organizational progress

Seek advice from a mentor

Encourage open discussions with your employees


Navigate risk and uncertainty

Anticipate outcomes and see logical consequences

Any Organizational Changes that must occur for the Product to be Successful:

Successful and Fit into the Organization’s Strategy: (Challenges):

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