Project Network Diagram, Gantt Chart, Crashing

You are the project manager at Wonderful Creations.  You are responsible for production of toys to have them ready for the holiday rush.  Your boss assigned you the project because you are reliable and make things happen.  Normal production time for activities are as follows.

Normal Days Normal Cost Crash Cost Maximum Crash Time Crash cost per period
A  – 8 1200 1800 2  
B A 2 2400 2500 1  
C A 4 400 500 1  
D B 5 1600 1600 0  
E B 5 1000 1300 2  
F C 5 1600 1850 2  
G E,F 2 1250 1900 1  
H D 3 500 700 1  
I G,H 6 800 1200 2  


  1. Draw the project network using AON.
  2. Identify the critical path.
  3. What is the expected project length?
  4. Draw a Gantt chart for the project.


Your boss decided to avoid supply chain disruptions that he wants production 3 days ahead of the normal production time.  He provided funding for modifications to the production equipment to accelerate production.  Time estimates for the modifications are as follows.


  1. What is the cost for reducing the project by 3 days?


To crash the project, you will have to draw the network diagram each time you crash the project by a day. The purpose is to be sure you have identified all of the critical paths.  If you have multiple critical paths, when you crash activities, you must crash on all critical paths.

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