Pseudocodes and Hierarchy Charts

# taking student Id as input

DISPLAY “Enter a StudentID? ”

READ studentId

# reading how many classes student want to opt for

DISPLAY “Enter how many classes you want to add? ”

DISPLAY “*****1 class free if you opt for three classes*****”

READ no_of_classes


# checking if user enters more than 3 classes

IF no_of_classes > 3 THEN

OUTPUT “More than 3 classes not allowed, max allowed is 3 classes”




# reading class titles of each of the class user enters

FOR i <- 1 TO no_of_classes

OUTPUT “Enter the class title”

READ class[i]



# reading number of hours user work per week

DISPLAY “Enter number of hours you work per week? ”

READ no_of_hours


# if no of classes opted is 3

IF no_of_classes == 3 THEN

# one class free thats why subtracting 150

class_cost = 150 * no_of_classes – 150

# calculating the bill

bill = class_cost + (5/100) * class_cost

# if no of hours greater than 20 per week

IF no_of_hours > 20


OUTPUT “Please make an appointment with faculty advisor”


# if no of classes opted is less than 3


class_cost = 150 * no_of_classes

bill = class_cost + (5/100) * class_cost



OUTPUT “STUDENTID : “, studentId

OUTPUT “Total bill need to be paid is: “, bill

Part 3:


Iteration Structure


Modify the pseudocode design that you created in part 2 to include statements to prompt the user to enter the class title one class at a time. After the customer has finished entering the class titles, the system will calculate and print the bill.

Hint: use a loop to add the class titles.

  • Add the statement(s) for the following: If a customer adds 3 classes, they receive 1 of the three classes for free.

Save the file as ITP100Project-Part-3


Part 4:


Modify the pseudocode design that you created in ITP100 Project-Part-3 to include at least the following modules:

  • Enter Student ID
  • Calculate the Bill
  • Print the Bill


After you finish entering the course titles, the system will calculate and print the bill. Create a hierarchy chart for the modules. Save the hierarchy chart as ITP100Project-Part-4-Hierarchy. @ files total for pa

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