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The purpose of the assignment is to provide students the opportunity to design a Psychological Skills Training (PST) program meant to improve performance of an athletic team (or any group that fits personal career aspirations). The student can choose to carry out the project with the designated team or group but doing so is not mandatory since we are in a limited time frame.

  • This is not a research paper… it is development of PST program and your presentation of the program
  • Students originate and design a PST program, and develop a 12-minute narrated video presentation
  • The presentation must include a narrated slide show
  • The presentation video submission must have a URL link… this is all you will submit
  • Students complete the project independently (this is not a group project)
  • The project should focus on an aspect of sport or exercise psychology of personal interest
  • Use the text and course materials to help you decide on a focus
  • The project should be designed to enhance sport or exercise performance for a sports team, athletic team, or any formal group of your choosing
    • Due to our limited time frame, you do not have to carry out the project, only design it

Examples of Potential Topics

  • Using imagery to improve basketball foul shooting for a college or high school team
  • Implementing relaxation techniques to reduce pre-competition anxiety
  • Improving sportsmanship in a youth sport through role play
  • Improving exercise adherence through a video motivational series
  • Developing a program to improve mental toughness for wrestlers (or sport of choice)
  • These are just a few… please be creative and explore an area of interest to you personally; this is not meant to be a prescriptive assignment; instead I want you to enjoy the chance to devise a potential project of personal interest and usefulness

Scholarly Foundation

  • The PST program must be based on a sound scholarly foundation; it cannot simply be your opinion
  • Include a Resources slide indicating at least 5 scholarly sources that informed your program

Slide Show Guidelines

  • Develop a minimum of 10 slides as follows
    • Introductory Slide: Your name, course, date; instructor name; the PST program name
    • Abstract Slide: brief summary of your PST program
    • Content Slides
    • Resources Slide
  • Every slide must contain at least one image and some text
  • Avoid excessive text on the slides; you are to present the material not make us read a paper


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