PSYC1000: Conditioning and Learning Plan

complete the Conditioning and Learning Practice media piece. In this piece, you can see operant conditioning in action and have the opportunity to create operant conditioning training of your own.

Be sure to download the Conditioning and Learning Plan Worksheet now or after completing the media piece. In your worksheet, you will describe the scenario and behavior that you would like to change. Ideas include:

  • Teaching your child to hang up their coat or backpack when they come in the door.
  • Getting yourself to exercise a certain number of minutes a day or week.
  • Teaching your dog to ring a bell when they need to go outside.
  • Getting a trainee to come to work on time.

You may choose one of these ideas or think of one of your own. Think of a behavior that you would like to change in yourself or someone else. Once you identify the target behavior, think about a positive reinforcer that will work. What might motivate you, your child, your trainee, or your dog?

In the worksheet, use the language of behavioral theory to identify:

  1. One targeted response.
  2. A reinforcer and secondary reinforcer (if you plan to use a secondary one).
  3. Schedules of reinforcement.
    • Initial schedule.
    • Secondary schedule (once the behavior is stable).
  4. Describe how you plan to use shaping to begin the process and make shifts in how and when the behavior is reinforced.
  5. To achieve Distinguished level on the rubric, use the notes column to explain why you chose the behavior, the reinforcers, and schedules that you selected.
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