outline one Psychological disorder that is often seen in children and youth –

Outline the characteristics of the disorder

Explain how this disorder may be displayed in children deemed to display developmental or social challenges. Provide 5 examples of behaviour

Outline two treatments for this disorder and how these treatments can help with improvements in the behaviour outlined above

Introduction – Position and exceptions, if any, are clearly stated. Organization of the argument is completely and clearly outlined and implemented.

Research- Characteristics of the disorder 5 marks Examples 10 marks Treatments 5 marks Research selected is highly relevant to the argument, is presented accurately and completely – the method, results, and implications are all presented accurately; Theory is relevant, accurately described and all relevant components are included; relationship between research and theory is clearly articulated and accurate.

Evidence of Critical Thinking- Integrates relevant and explicit evidence of critical thinking in response to the question.

Conclusion is clearly stated and connections to the research and position are clear and relevant. The underlying logic is explicit.

Writing -Paper is coherently organized and the logic is easy to follow. There are no spelling or grammatical errors and terminology is clearly defined. Writing is clear and concise and persuasive.

Correct APA format- strict adherence to the 7 th edition.

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