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According to Baumeister and Darley (1982), when the defendant is attractive and there is vague information, participants were more likely to judge based on their level of attractiveness.

When the character/defendant was attractive, he had less years in jail (Baumeister & Darley, 1982).

Baumeister and Darley (1982) found that when the defendant was attractive, they had significantly less years in jail, implying that people tend to judge others based on what type of person they are as opposed to their actions of the time. This result shifts when the data was more concise and less vague, indicating _____. These results are related to our current study because of how we are looking at variability in judgement based on personality, which is synonymous to the attractiveness variable in Baumeister and Darley’s (1982) study.


How does the driver’s personality AND mental health affect the level of punishment/judgement the driver will receive?

  • Personality (pos and neg)

    • Pos personality à punishment/ judgement

    • Neg personality à punishment/ judgement

  • Mental health diagnosis (anxiety and no anxiety)

    • Anxiety àpunishment/judgement

    • No anxiety à punishment/judgement



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