Quality Control Presentation with Solidworks drawing

Assignment for the presentation:

  • select the area of production in which you will carry out quality control – it can be as a final product (completely assembled car, phone, washing machine or other) or part of a product (car engine, car paint check, refrigerator compressor check, mobile phone/laptop display check or other)
  • describe how the product will look
  • think of how the checklist should look for your case – what needs to be checked before passing the product to the sales department or to the next assembly stage
  • describe possible verification options – how to check manually and is it possible to automate the process, if yes – how will it look like?
  • describe the possible causes of breakdowns or malfunctions
  • describe the possible causes of the failure and how to fix them
  • your conclusions
  • Back up your part or product with drawings using solidwor
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