quality management

Project Guidelines

  1. This is a group project with a maximum of 4 students in Group.
  2. The choice of company will be approved by the Faculty in Charge.

The company should be operating in Bahrain, specifically in Salmabad area.

  1. The group should only focus in only one area, choosing from :


  1. Quality Certification of the Company
  2. Use of Quality Tools in Problem Solving
  3. PDCA/Kaizen or 5S Implementation
  4. Implementation of the Employee Empowerment
  5. Quality Awards if applicable
  6. TQM Implementation
  7. Management Support and Leadership for TQM


  1. References should be included.
  2. Plagiarism should not exceed 20% using the approved plagiarism checker which is Turnitin
  3. It should be submitted through Moodle on Nov 20
  4. Presentation will be scheduled between Nov 27 to  Dec 1







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