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Question 1

Question Issued in 1974, 45 CFR 46 raised to regulatory status:
Your Answer US Public Health Service Policy
Result Correct
Comment 45 CFR 46 raised to regulatory status the US Public Health Service policy of 1966 “Clinical research and investigation involving human beings”.

Question 2

Question Which of the following brought increased public attention to the problems with the IRB system?
Your Answer Death of Research Subject (Jesse Gelsinger)
Result Correct
Comment Although all of these are related to the problems with the IRB system, the death of a research subject (Jesse Gelsinger) was what received public attention.

Question 3

Question Which of the following was the result of the Beecher article?
Your Answer Realization that ethical abuses are not limited to the Nazi regime
Result Correct
Comment The primary result of the Beecher article was to expose ethical abuses occurring in research involving human subjects in the US, well after the revelations about research by the Nazi regime.

Question 4

Question Informed consent is considered an application of which Belmont principle?
Your Answer Respect for Persons
Result Correct
Comment Respect for persons involves respecting individual autonomy in the decision to participate in research. That respect is implemented through the process of informed consent.

Question 5

Question The use of prisoners in research is a concern under the Belmont principle of Justice because:
Your Answer Prisoners may not be used to conduct research that only benefits the larger society
Result Correct
Comment The Belmont Principle of Justice requires the equitable distribution of both the benefits and burdens of research. Prisoners should not bear the burden of participating in research that only benefits the larger society.


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