Reflection 1


Even though most of us do not set out intentionally to oppress others or to limit their chances and opportunities, our society’s widening inequality is not an accident. How do our laws and economic structures disadvantage some and privilege others? In what ways do our systems and institutions make us all complicit in injustice? How can we change that?





  1. The aim of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to consider some of the issues discussed in this course. You will complete 3 out of the 5 posted reflections questions.  All the reflection questions have been posted, so you can respond to them whenever it suits you; however, the marks will not be posted until about one week after the posted due date.
  1. You can submit 4 reflections (but not 5) and have your lowest mark dropped if you choose.
  1. The written reflections are worth 15% of your final grade. This is a good opportunity to earn marks in the course to take pressure off the exam. Although each reflection is only worth 5%, they will add up to a considerable portion of your final grade.
  1. Please submit your 500-600 word response in the text box on OWL for the particular reflection found under the ‘Written Reflections’ icon by the posted due dates.
  1. You can type your reflection directly in the text box, but, to avoid losing your work if the Internet cuts out or OWL accidentally closes, you might want to type it into Word and then cut and paste it into the text box.  You cannot submit your reflection as an attachment.
  1. The due dates for the reflections are shown with the posted question, on the list of reflections, and your course outline.  There is a 5% per day (including weekends and holidays) for late submissions. There are no makeups for the reflections.
  1. It is not a good idea to leave it until the last few minutes to submit your reflection in case you have some issues with your computer, OWL, or the Internet. There will be a late penalty if the submissions are not submitted on time due to technical difficulties.
  1. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR WORK WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY SUBMITTED TO TURNITIN. If your work is not original, you will receive 0.
  1. Your reflections will be marked on the following:
  • Question is answered with a sufficient degree of effort and thoughtfulness.
  • Interesting comments and arguments presented.
  • Facts, statistics, or examples are included to back up thoughts – these need to be referenced with (author, date), (a professor’s lecture, date), etc.
  • References included at the end of reflection in ASA or APA format.
  • Accurate spelling. Grammar, writing style, etc. at a university level.
  • Sufficient length – very short submissions will be penalized.  Submissions should be between 500 and 600 words. Going more than 50 words over the limit will cause you to lose marks because part of the skill in writing is to present your ideas concisely.
Detailed Rubric for Reflections
Marks Criteria Excellent Needs Improvement
1 Introduction Excellent thesis statement.  Clearly states and outlines what will be argued. Introduction too general.  Thesis needs to be strengthened.
1 Conclusion Good summary of evidence and strong overall concluding statement. Too short to provide an overall conclusion of the evidence presented.
4 Development of Ideas Good understanding of subject matter.  Evidence of research and careful thought.  Coherent argument. Argument not supported. Repetitive, confusing, lacks in logic or coherence. Argument not evidence based.
1 Paragraphing Paragraphs unified around a clear main point. Smooth transitions between paragraphs. Paragraphs include discussion unrelated to their main point. Little transitions between paragraphs.
1 Sources Wide range of sources.  Sources paraphrased rather than quoted. Sources well integrated into paper and cited correctly. Too few sources. Reliance on direct quotations rather than paraphrasing.  Difficulty using sources to build argument. Sources not cited.
2 Spelling / Grammar Accurate spelling and university level grammar. Well structured. Spelling and grammar errors. Incoherent sentences.
____ / 10    Then your reflection mark is calculated out of 5.



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