relationship between law enforcement and the advocate

The relationship between law enforcement and the advocates is critical within the investigative setting. Rape reporters receive better treatment by police officers when advocates are involved, and best practice police work includes such collaboration (Rich & Seffrin, 2013). The association of the two shapes the overall communication perspective between victims and the public. This week’s article revealed that professional variables are more present within officers than personal variables. Professional variables are reflected in the officer’s experience in education learned over time in the work setting. Personal variables disregard all professional factors and can sometimes be biased. The professional relationships established in law enforcement are very sensitive, as you do not want to demonstrate unprofessional variables by re-victimizing a victim.

Interactions with authorities are usually incorporated with a high degree of stress due to the many variables that permit surrounding a crime. Sexual assault cases are closely monitored to ensure the proper assistance and investigative methods. Appropriate service entails average training by officers that assists professional variables. This should not be a problem outside of sexual assault investigations because authorities’ game or knowledge and experience over time with the opportunity to advance in the communications area. The balance of professional and personal variables will suit the efficiency of assisting all investigative areas.

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