RESEARCH CRITIQUE : Unit 8 : Lecture 16&17

Research Process
• Conceptual Phase
• Design and Planning Phase
• Empirical Phase
• Analytic Phase
• Dissemination Phase
Guidelines for Critiquing Research Report
Systematic Process of Appraising Research Projects
What is Research Critique ?
Why Research Critique ?
• To assess the strength and limitation of research report
• To facilitate critical thinking about results reported
• To apply those result to the workplace
Research Report Format ( IMRaD)
• Introduction
• Materials and Methods
• Results
• Discussion
What are the types of research critique ?
• Student Nurses Critique
• Nurse Practitioner
• Nurse Educators
• Nurse Researchers
• Abstract
• Verbal critique
• Publish critique of Published articles
• Peer review critique
• Research Funding
Research Critique Tips
1. Read the entire study carefully
2. Examine the organization and presentation
3. Seek clarification for unknown term
4. Highlight and examine each step of the research process.
5. Identify the strengths and challenges without bias.
6. Consider modifications for future studies.

• A critique of a piece of research is not a criticism of the work but an impersonal
review to highlight the strengths and limitations of the study.
• It is important that all nurses have the ability to criticality appraise researc

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