SAP project

  • Prepare one Word document for all questions


Essay part (10 points)


Develop a flow chart for the following steps.  In other words, link the following steps logically based on business processes, assuming the company does not have any inventory right now. You may use the same words several times. Also, you may connect one concept to several concepts.


Availability Check, Completion Confirmation, Demand Management, Goods Issue,

Goods Receipt, History of sales, Invoice Receipt, Invoice, MRP, Order Settlement,

Outbound Delivery, Packing, Payment Receipt, Payment, Picking, Planned Order,

Production Order, Purchase Order, Purchase Requisition, Sales Order, SOP, Transportation



Hands-on part (40 points)


Today, your customer, Windy City Bikes in Chicago, made an order to purchase 10 Deluxe Touring Bikes (Silver) (DXTR2078). It should be delivered within 2 weeks. After getting the sales order, you realized that there is no stock for the Deluxe Touring Bike (Silver). (Q1. Capture the screen in Figure 1) So, you contacted the vendor, Dallas Bikes Basics, and ordered only the materials (Qty: 500) that you have less than 50 stocks. If you have more than 50 stocks, you should not order the materials.  (Q2. Which materials did you order? Q3. Show the inventory level of the materials that you ordered. Capture the screen in Figure 2) As soon as they are delivered, you paid to the vendor. (Q4. Capture the screen in Figure 3). Now you produce 20 Deluxe Touring Bikes (Silver) (DXTR2078). (Q5. Capture the screen in Figure 4) Among 20 bikes, you delivered 10 to the customers. (Q6. Capture the screen in Figure 5) Now, you need to capture the screen to show how much you got revenue from the customer. (Q7. Capture the screen in Figure 6). Lastly, capture the document flow from Sales and Distribution (Q8. Figure 7)


Use the following information

  • Use your last 3-digit of your user ID for 078. (I used 070 in the example)
  • Company Code: US00
  • Plant: DL00
  • Purchasing Organization: US00
  • Purchasing Group: N00
  • Shipping point: DL00
  • Planned Order Profile: LA
  • Sales Order Type: OR
  • Sales Organization: UE00
  • Distribution Channel: WH
  • Division: BI
  • Reference: 2078
  • Required delivery date: 2 weeks from today
  • PO Number: 2078
  • If you need further information, you may use the information in the assignment hands-out.



DeliverablesEach question has 5 points.  Please replace my figures with your figures when you answer.




Q1. Figure 1.



Q2. List of materials you ordered.

Q3 – Figure 2.



Q4 – Figure 3.










Q5 – Figure 4.



Q6 – Figure 5.


Q7 – Figure 6.


Q8 – Figure 7.

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