SCIE 241 Principles of Human Nutrition

Q1. State two reasons why there should be regulations, standards and policies that regulate food production and manufacturing. (2 points)













Q2. According to the FDA, as part of food labelling regulation, state two nutrients that should be labelled on the packaging of food labels in the USA. (2 points)








Q3. Sodium is a nutrient that has important functions in the human body, but could be harmful if it is consumed in high quantities.

  1. State the RDA of Sodium for an adult male (age 19-30 years). (1 point)


  1. What is one harmful effect of too much Sodium consumption in the diet? (1 point)








The DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet is an effective diet designed to reduce and manage hypertension. Explain two features of the DASH diet i.e. what is reduced or omitted, and/orwhat is encouraged to be eaten or included in the DASH diet. (2 points

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