Serial Season 3, Episodes 1-2

45 points

  1. The defense attorney says, “innocence is a misdemeanor.” How does Russ describe this phrase? Do you think this is accurate or inaccurate, based on your current understanding of the criminal justice system?
  2. Describe what happened in Anna’s case in an unbiased, neutral way.
  3. What were two positives and two negatives of how you think Anna’s case was handled, from the incident to the conclusion?
  4. What are the factors that Russ is weighing when deciding whether or not to try Anna’s case?
  5. What was the outcome in Anna’s case? Do you agree with the outcome? Explain your answer.
  6. Based on the probation requirements set forth by both judges featured in Episode 2, do you think it would be easier to serve jail time or follow the strict probation requirements for multiple years? Explain your answer based on your current life situation.
  7. How did Judge Gaul get his position on the bench? What is his “style” as a judge? What are your thoughts about his methods of handling cases?
  8. A lot of controversial actions and behaviors were brought up in Episode 2. What was the one thing you were most surprised by and why?
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