Social Norm Experiment

Pay attention to your feelings and reactions just prior to breaking the norm, how you feel while you are breaking the norm, and also after you are done. Pay attention to the reactions of other people around you as you are breaking the norm. Some students have found this easier to do if they have a friend with them who knows what is going on as they break the norm. Do not tell others you are doing this for school – try to be as normal as possible. Video the social norm (or have a friend/family member video) and attach it in Blackboard; then in a one page paper answer the following questions:

1. What social norm did you decide to violate? Why did you pick this norm?

2. Describe how you felt just before you broke the social norm, during and after violating the norm.

3. Did you bring a friend with you? If so, how did affect your reactions to breaking the social norm?

4. What were the reactions of people around you?

5. What did you learn from this project about social norms?

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