Sociological media analysis

Students will conduct a comparative analysis of at least five songs by any BLACK artists of any genre (it can be the same or multiple artists). The comparative analysis of the songs must address any aspect of Black life in the U.S. Specific areas must relate to social progress, social inequality, social problems and/or social change that you have also identified in class readings. Students should (1) select artists & state at least five songs (post as lyrics or a live link to the music video); (2) site the lyrics; (3) provide a brief description of the song and year published: and (4) state an analysis of the songs based on the above criteria and utilizing the weekly course material to contextualize the analysis within current societal conditions – leadership, emploment, policies, movements, etc.that connect to the lyrics of the song.

This assignment can be submitted in the form of a chart or powerpoint-type presentation

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