Sociology Question

i choose the criminal Craig Hicks, who kill three Muslim American college students to write about on this paper, Also i have the two theories which are they

1- Label theory

2- Strain theory. write the paper based on this criminal story nad how does these theories explain the crime.

The purpose of this assignment is for the student to demonstrate the ability to apply criminological theory to explain criminal behavior.The student must identify a criminal offender covered in the media.Finding a subject profiled in the media, as opposed to one with no media attention, is important because there will likely be more information available on the offender and the circumstances surrounding the crime.The student must select at least one criminological theory found in Chapters 3 through 6 and describe the general basis for the theory(ies).The student must then apply the theory(ies) and attempt to explain the criminal behavior. The student’s written response shall be no less than two pages and no more than three pages in length.It must be completed in MLA format.Each assignment is worth up to 25 points.Grading is based upon 1) correctly applying sociological concepts, 2) depth of response and critical analysis, and 3) quality of writing. It is imperative to be an effective writer given the constraints of the writing prompt.Do not make the mistake of spending an entire page describing the criminal event at the expense of applying and analyzing the theory(ies).Remember that the assignment is designed for the student to demonstrate the ability to apply the class concepts to the criminal behavior as well as the ability to write effectively.

That’s how i want the paper to be written: the first paragraph: write about the crime and how it is happening and who kill and who is the victims, in the last sentence of the first paragraph write the thesis statement. and then talk about the first theory and how it is related to crime, then write about the second theory and how it is related to the crime, and then write the conclusion and add the reference page. here is links that makes you understand the crime:

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