Solow model, Ragnar Nurkse, Albert Hirschman development economics questions

Question 1

a) As per Solow model, when is the steady-state equilibrium reached? Discuss why it is called so.

b) Discuss the structuralist school’s thesis on development. What according to you is a strength of this school of thought?

c) Do you think Solow model is gender sensitive or is it gender blind? Briefly explain your response.

d) Is the structuralist theory free of androcentrism (or male-centrism)? Briefly explain your response.

Question 2

a) Discuss the main difference between Ragnar Nurkse’s theory of balanced growth and Albert Hirschman’s theory of unbalanced growth. Discuss the rationale behind each of the theories.

b) Can formal abolition of slavery be equated to racial democracy? Why or why not? Substantiate your response by giving empirical evidence from either the US or Brazil.

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