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Discussion 3 (Required) – Analyzing Graphs – first post due by Thursday 3/25 and 2nd post due by Sunday 3/28

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For this 3rd required discussion, read this article How a year of the COVID-19 pandemic radically altered NC (Links to an external site.), examine the graphs contained in it.

Please keep your work/post focused on the statistical aspects of the article and graphs – do not turn it into a political discussion.
Remember to respect each other and any behavior that demeans, belittles, threatens, or causes distress to a person in this class will be reported to the Dean for Students and may possibly result in a Student Conduct Board Hearing. (See the Code of Student Conduct (Links to an external site.) for more details – specifically pages 141-148)

  1. For your first post that must be made by Thursday 3/25 (late posts not accepted for credit – see syllabus for details), choose 1 of the 15 graphs to analyze. You will not see your classmates posts before you post your own. Do not make an empty post so you can then see everyone else’s posts before making your own. Students who do this will have their score for their first post reduced for not following directions and/or cheating.

    This first post must include all 4 items below:

    1. A screenshot/picture of the graph you chose (Must upload using the images upload button, or the file attachment button. Copying and pasting, or dragging the file to the body of the post will not work)

    2. Discuss the type of data collected.

    3. Address the timeline for your chart, is it appropriate?

    4. Create a narrative for this chart, what does it tell the reader about the impacts of the Pandemic? It should have substance and reflect statistical thinking and analysis.

  2. For your second post that must be made by Sunday 3/28: Respond to at least 1 classmate that selected a different chart than yours and comment on their analysis.

    How well/accurately did they cover the 4 items? Describe one thing they addressed/discussed that made you think differently about that chart or you thought was insightful. This should be more than a “good job” and “I liked…” post. It should be more than 2-3 sentences of “fluff”. It should have substance and reflect statistical thinking and analysis.

Note that the deadline in Canvas is for the first post on the 25th, but the discussion is available until the 28th for you to make your 2nd post. If you make your first post by the deadline, then your second post will not be considered late, even when posted after the deadline – Canvas just looks to see that the first post meets the deadline. Unfortunately, there is not a way to set two different deadlines on an assignment/discussion.

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