Tableau workbook

A data exploration report describes the results of your data exploration, including first findings or initial hypotheses, and their impact on the remainder of the project. Include the relevant measures, visualizations, and statistics in this report that are needed for all univariate and bivariate analyses.

Data Source: Tweets


  • Using Tableau (and Excel if needed), conduct exploratory data analysis to complete the Data Exploration Report report as demonstrated in the Chapter 5 MyEducator videos and in class
  • For your Tableau workbook, select the “Extract” option for the connection
  • The Label: use RetweetCount as your label
  • The Features:
    • Include all features in the data set EXCEPT Day, StateCode, City, and text
    • For Country, State:
      • Choose only one of these location features. No need to analyze both of them for this assignment
      • Also, just select 4 or 5 of the most common values for the ANOVA (for example, choose either the 4 or 5 most common states OR countries).
    • For Language: just select the 4 or 5 most common values for the ANOVA
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