The Dillon’s Rule versus Home Rule

The Dillon’s Rule versus Home Rule Debate centers around cost/ benefits surrounding the standardization that comes from the centralized control of Dillon’s Rule and the creative freedom to act independently to address needs on the local level.

In 2-3 page paper, APA 6th Edition, students will be expected to:

  1. Select a problem persistent to local metropolitan areas;
  2. Describe the circumstances, the actors and community interests involved (these include both public, private, and non-profit);
  3. State a possible solution to the problem (either proposed or already implemented) and how it affects the various elements described in question 2;
  4. Compare how your solution to the problem would work in a Home Rule and a Dillon’s Rule city? (You should have a scenario for each.)
  5. Briefly explain why you think so.
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