The Future of Technology

Technology has become an integral
part of our lives, and it has been
widely assumed that major technology
companies will always lead the charge
in shaping the future. In “The End of
the Silicon Valley Myth,” Brian
Merchant argues that this assumption
may no longer be true. Merchant says
Meta and Google are struggling to
create the next big thing that will
transform the world (Merchant). In this
essay, I will discuss how technology
will shape our society in the next
decade, how our views about
technology are changing, and how
these changes will affect our
interactions with technology and each
Technology will continue to evolve and
become more integrated into our daily
lives. Smart homes, autonomous cars,
and VR/AR are already here. These
technologies will grow more
widespread and advanced in the next
decade. As Merchant states in his
article, artificial intelligence,
wearables, and IoT devices will
improve. These technologies can
simplify and enhance our lives.
However, as Merchant points out,
major technology companies need
help developing new ideas to push
technology forward. Smaller startups
and individual developers may lead to
technical advancement (Merchant).
Smaller organizations may be more
flexible and risk-taking. We may see a
rise in specialized technology and
democratization of invention, where
anybody with a solid idea may bring it
to market without institutional support.
Additionally, our attitudes toward
technology are evolving, and we are
becoming increasingly aware of the
negative impacts that technology can
have on society. Tech businesses are
being regulated more due to data
privacy and security concerns
(Merchant). Social media and screen
time may harm our mental health. As a
result, major technology companies
will be scrutinized and regulated in the
coming decade. Consumers and
stakeholders may punish corporations
that put profit above ethics and social
responsibility. As customers want
more data transparency, I expect more
accountability and transparency.
Finally, the changes in our attitudes
toward technology will impact the way
we engage with technology and each
other. We may utilize technology more
intentionally and mindfully as we
become more aware of its negative
effects (Merchant). We may utilize
social media and other platforms more
intentionally and seek out technology
that promotes mental health and wellbeing.
In conclusion, large technology
businesses may struggle to create the
next big thing, but I expect technology
will affect society in the future decade.
Niche technologies may proliferate as
smaller firms and independent
developers innovate. We’re becoming
more aware of how we use technology.
As technology evolves, we must be
cautious to ensure it is created and
utilized for our well-being and the
greater good. Privacy, data security,
and ethical considerations will
determine the future of technology.
Technology businesses will likely be
held accountable and transparent as
more people become aware of its
risks. Technology may be shaped more
by regulatory bodies and
governments. As people and a nation,
we must manage the ever-changing
technological landscape and
guarantee that it benefits humanit

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