UKNA10 – Advanced Ethical Hacking – PART 1 Technical Analysis

Assignment 1: Cyber Attack Case Study

PART 1 Technical Analysis ::

Assessment task details – provide a description of the task

The WannaCry Ransomware attack was an impactful cyber attack that had worldwide effect and repercussions. This attack spread through computers running Microsoft operating systems, encrypting the data and demanding a bitcoin ransom for the decryption key.

This attack has been a prevalent driving force behind much of the changing public perception of Cyber Security and gave raise to many policy changes both within governmental and organisational approach to cyber security

In this assignment you are tasked with investigating the WannaCry attack looking at the initial stages of the Cyber Kill chain to analyse how the attack took place from a technical standpoint and should consider the following elements:


A technical overview of the attack,


How was this weapon created at a technical level and what was the deliverable payload?

Delivery & Propagation

How did the attacker gain access to the system?

What tools and techniques were used by the attacker?

How did the attack propagate to other systems?

Exploitation & Installation

How did the payload exploit the system?


Summarise your technical findings and draw conclusions on the impact of the attack on infected systems.

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