Unit 13/14 Signature Assignment: Trauma and Crisis Interventions from a Human Rights Perspective

  1. For this final assignment, you need to select an existing trauma or crisis intervention for a specific international population of your choice. Please note that you cannot use the same population and/or intervention that you studied earlier in this course to avoid any duplications.
      • Describe the demographic characteristics of the population and the crisis they experienced.
      • When did the crisis happen, how long did it last or is it an ongoing crisis?
      • What type of trauma did or does the population experience in response to the crisis?
  1. Next, describe the trauma and crisis intervention that you believe would help this population.
      • Is it an individual or a group intervention?
      • How long does it take?
      • Has it been used with the population of your choice?
      • Who could implement it and what training would be required?
      • What are the desired mental health outcomes?
  1. Now, you need to apprise the intervention through the lens espoused by universal human rights conventions, and international and national ethical principles. Refer to The Universal Human Rights DeclarationLinks to an external site., the APA Ethical Principles for Psychologists and Code of ConductLinks to an external site., the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the ChildLinks to an external site., and/or the Universal Declaration of Ethical Principles for PsychologistsLinks to an external site.as appropriate.
  2. Based on your appraisal, would you recommend this intervention for a population of your choice as an ethical and culturally relevant practice?
      • What changes would you propose in this intervention to make it more responsive to the unique characteristics of the population of your choice and to the specific crisis that they have experienced?
  1. Considering that self-care is an ethical responsibility of mental health care providers, what would you recommend to prevent professional burnout, vicarious trauma, and compassion fatigue in local practitioners who would be implementing this intervention?
  2. Write your conclusion precisely summarizing the most important points of your paper.

Additional Details

  • Must include an abstract, main text, conclusion, and a list of references.
  • Eight – ten (8-10) pages of main text.
  • APA 7th format.


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