Unit 6 Written Assignment Adolescent Trauma A Case Study Exploration


This week you read about definitions, indications, prevalence, and consequences of adverse childhood experiences. These micro and macro-level crises can have serious, negative, long-term mental and physical health outcomes.

In your Cavaiola and Colford (2017) text, there are several case studies relevant to adolescent adversity on pp. 100-108, as well as pp. 134-137 to explore.

Choose one of these cases and respond to the following questions in 3-5 pages (not counting the cover and reference page) using the boldfaced words as headings throughout the body of the paper for organization and structure:

  • Introduction (will directly match your cover page title)
  • What type of crisisis this adolescent(s) experiencing (developmental, traumatic, existential, or psychiatric)?
  • What are two guidelines to follow in considering the treatment options for this/these adolescent(s)?
  • Does mandated reporting apply in this case?
  • Identify two implications of this trauma both individually and collectively/communally.
  • Identify at least two community resources that exist in your local setting appropriate for adolescent care following the specific crisis faced.
  • Offer a conclusion.

Paper Requirements

  • Minimum 3 double-spaced pages, maximum 4 pages not counting title page and reference page.
  • A minimum of 3 peer-reviewed articles cited in-text and referenced on a reference page at the end of the paper.
  • APA style.
  • 20 points maximum


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