Volunteer Community Service Component

Each student is expected to spend a total of 24 hours at the site of his/her choice (with the approval of professor). Suggestions for volunteer experience will be made available. A six to ten page paper describing the experience is the final assignment for this course. A letter signed by the volunteer supervisor on the agency’s letterhead indicating the number of hours completed must be attached to the assignment.

  1. Based on your volunteer experience, compose a five-minute presentation to be delivered to the entire class. Prezzi/Powerpoint, videos presentations are acceptable. Your final product should be posted in the appropriate Blackboard space.

(Write for me that I volunteered for Organic Chemistry tutoring. an online tutoring for 24 hours)

Reflection Paper:

  1. The final paper, which represents 25% of the grade and should be six to ten pages, should include the following:
    • ✓ An introduction which describes the setting or agency
    • ✓ A brief history of the agency or setting. Why it created and what needs was it designed to serve?
    • ✓ Describe the encounter with the first person you helped. What activities did you perform? Whatproblems or difficulties did you encounter? What were your feelings about the role of volunteer?
    • ✓ How different would things be if you were employed at the site? What qualifications would you needfor the position you would like? What would you change if you were the administrator?
    • ✓ Which client was the most memorable and why?
    • ✓ What does the scholarly literature say about the intervention or the target population? Is yourexperience consistent with the literature?
    • ✓ How does the information you learned in SW101 help you understand the clients?
    • ✓ A reference page for the scholarly literature you cite
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