W2 Assignment Automotive Canvas (Group Project)

  • Automotive Canvas (Group)[Due Saturday] In groups of 3-4, create a business model canvas for an existing automotive-related company
    • Use the business model canvas template to complete the following with your group
      • Make a copy of the business model canvas template(Links to an external site.) and share it with your group via Google Drive.
      • Select one disruptive trend in the automotive industry (see Gao, Kaas, Mohr & Wee, 2016) and identify a specific automotive-related company that has been affected by that trend
      • (Re)structure the company’s business model by creating a canvas motivated by the disruptive trend, filling in all 9 blocks of the canvas template.
      • Add a 1-2 paragraph explanation of how this business model would allow the company to respond to the trend. Clearly identify which trend you selected and the name of the company you are analyzing.
    • Have one group member submit the link to your group’s automotive canvas and the explanation. [Note: Deductions will be made for individuals who do not contribute meaningfully to the team’s work.]



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