W3 Assignment Capstone Project Part II: Toolkit and Plan

  • Capstone Project Part II: Preliminary Customer Needs Analysis[Due Monday] Use design thinking to conduct a preliminary analysis of your customers needs and summarize your findings in a 2-3 page (single-spaced) document plus an empathy map.
    • Complete the following steps to gather data about your target customers and summarize what they need.
      • Collect and document data on your customers.
        • Interview, observe or access other available data about your target customers to gather answers needed to complete an Empathy Map. Document the steps or actions you took to collect and analyze this customer-related data (e.g., interviewed X, Y and Z using this 3-question interview protocol).
        • Note: if you are doing a redesign project within an existing company, your “customer” for this exercise could be company employees or business partners if those are the customers or users you need to satisfy.
      • Create a visual empathy map Download visual empathy map(Osterwalder & Pigneur, 2010: pp. 130-133).
      • Analyze and summarize the implications of your empathy map.
        • Reflect on the process of creating the empathy map. What did this analysis confirm for you? What did you find unexpected?
        • What do these customer insights mean for the desired value proposition of your proposed innovation? What do customers need? Is it different from what you thought they needed prior to applying this technique? How does this information affect your approach to your business plan? It may help to review possible value propositions (Osterwalder & Pigneur, 2010: pp. 22-25).
      • Summarize your current understanding of the innovation you are proposing.
        • Describe in more detail than your proposal the idea you have for the product/process/technology that will address your customer’s needs.
        • Describe the assumptions that you have about your innovation that still need to be tested. (e.g., What design elements are necessary for your product to meet your customers’ needs? How will you measure if the product is successful or not? What do you expect to discover and accomplish by using the prototyping technique next week? What problems might you face in implementing the technique?).
      • Submit the following items:
        • 2-3 page paper addressing the topics above (i.e., data collection, analysis of empathy map and value proposition, summary of innovation)
        • Export your completed Visual Empathy Map as a PDF and then submit it to this Canvas assignment.


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