W6 Assignment 3: Risk Management Plan


Risk Management Plan exercise:  Imagine you are an executive at Uber, and you have been tasked with designing a new risk management plan for the company.  In drafting the plan, include the following items:

  1. Categories of torts for which Uber might have liability (discuss which types of activities Uber engages in that give rise to potential tort liability)
  2. Methods of mitigating risk (include not only legal methods, but also reflect on the ethical values at stake in many company risk management policies)
  3. How the advent of driverless vehicles will affect Uber’s potential for legal exposure (provide analysis on how realistic driverless vehicles are, and how the law might adapt to this new technology)

There is considerable material available online that describes attributes of Uber’s business model and methods that create potential legal exposure for the company.  At a minimum, you will want to address the company’s potential liability for:

  • intentional torts inflicted by drivers on riders (such as cases of assault)
  • negligence of drivers who get in automobile accidents
  • mishandling riders’ sensitive private data
  • misclassifying drivers as independent contractors rather than employees

The risk management plan you create need not be written like a business plan.  It can be a Power Point presentation with explanatory notes, a Prezi with audio voiceovers, or a video presentation that explains the plan.

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Assignment Rubric – Risk Management Plan exercise

Assignment Rubric – Risk Management Plan exercise
Criteria Ratings Pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeThe risk management plan demonstrates an understanding of the organizational risks arising from torts, among other things, and how companies ethically mitigate and prepare for those risks. 6 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeThe guide is well-written, free of grammatical mistakes, easy to navigate, and appropriate for professional use. 2 pts
Total Points: 8


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