Week 04 Assignment – Annotated Bibliography 

Choose a problem in your clinical area that you wish to research. Search online databases for five (5) research studies that have been done on the problem you are interested in studying from primary peer reviewed journals. These studies should have been done within the last 10 years.

Write an annotated bibliography of the articles you have found. Review the instructions below and the grading rubric before beginning the assignment.


  1. Begin your paper with a title page. Cite your articles in alphabetical order. After each citation write a brief descriptive and evaluative paragraph. The purpose of the annotation is to let the reader know of the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the studied being reviewed. In the article summary include:
    • the statement of the research problem and research questions,
    • the type of study, population studied and findings.
  2. Then assess the articles by commenting about the authors, the significance of the problem addressed, reliability of information and any study bias.
  3. Conclude with a reflection on the article. How well does it fit your problem? Was it helpful and how can the article be used to answer your research question?

The length of your paper should not exceed 5 pages, double spaced. It should be written in APA style with a title page. As you are citing your articles references within the paper, no reference page is needed. For additional information about writing annotated bibliographies click on the hyperlink below.


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