Week 06 Assignment – Failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA)

This assignment provides students with the opportunity to identify a high-risk process in the practice setting and then conduct a failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA).

The FMEA is a systematic, proactive approach to assess risk of failure and harm in a high-risk process, and identify areas for process improvement.

Criteria Item Description
  • Title indicates a high-risk process for a FMEA.
High-Risk Process
  • Describe in a single paragraph the high-risk process and rationale for selecting the process.
Process Map/Flowchart
  • Create a process map or flowchart to describe the steps in the high-risk process. Recommend a PowerPoint slide to depict the steps in the selected process.
FMEA Table
  • Use the FMEA Table as displayed in Figure 1 at the end of Week 5 lesson. A copy of the table is also available in an Excel Spreadsheet.
  • Steps in the process
  • Failure modes, failure causes, and failure effects
  • Likelihood of Occurrence (1-10)
  • Likelihood of Detection (1-10)
  • Severity (1-10)
  • Risk Profile Number (RPN)
  • Actions to Reduce Occurrence of Failure


  1. Use the MS Excel table FMEA for High Risk Process to fill out your failure and effect analysis according to the IHI lesson.
  2. Attach your Excel table below and ‘submit for grade’.


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