Week 3 Case Study – A BETTER Secret Sauce of Stats Success

It’s Week 3 and we have ANOTHER case study to complete. How do we do that? Easy!


Look in the conversations area for detailed STEP by STEP instructional posts on how to complete each part of the case study (Q1 is posted on Wednesday, Q2 is posted on Thursday, Q3 is posted on Friday and Q4 is posted on Saturday). To access the conversations area for this assignment, click on the small icon in the upper right corner of your screen that looks like a person with a square talk balloon next to its head.


WHEN YOU ARE COMPLETE WITH YOUR CASE STUDY, PLEASE UPLOAD IT HERE TO THE CASE STUDY ASSIGNMENT AREA by clicking on the black “view assessment” button on this screen.


It is recommended that you use the case study detailed instruction posts like you would a recipe. Have excel up and running as you review each step in the detailed instructional post. Create your secret sauce of statistical success by working step by step in real time. You WILL like how this secret sauce tastes. While you are welcome to post questions or thoughts in this thread, please remember that any posts made will NOT count toward your weekly discussion grade.


Happy solving! Here is the full case study for week 3:


 Three hundred consumers between 21 and 49 years old were randomly selected. After sampling a new wine cooler, each was asked to rate the appeal of the phrase “Not sweet like wine coolers, not filling like beer, and more refreshing than wine or mixed drinks” as it relates to the new wine cooler. The rating was made on a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 representing “extremely appealing” and 1 representing “not at all appealing.” 


As a manager overseeing the development of the concept, you bottled the wine cooler and placed it into distribution in one test store. Your manager has asked you to assess the data and determine the most likely customer based on the ratings. Additionally, your manager would like you to review sales in the test store.



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