Week 4 Fundamentals of Project Management


Taking a step back we know the success of the project depends on the amount of attention given to resource planning. Project budgets and schedules are managed off the careful planning of the resources required to complete the project. One way to assure accuracy of the estimate for resources is to ask the team to figure out the hours.

Respond to one of the following bullet points:

  • How should budgeting, scheduling, and resource loading or leveling be most logically accomplished in terms of their chronological order? How would resource-constrained scheduling help, hinder, or change your recommendation.


  • TASKS:

    • Click here to view the network diagram. Using the diagram, find:
      • The critical path.
      • How long it will take to complete the project?
    • How does simulation determine the probabilities of various project completion times?
    • What is “slack” and why is it important?
    • Why is activity-on-arrow (AOA) or activity-on-node (AON) of significant value to the project manager?
    • How is the uncertainty in project scheduling dealt with?
    • Should the critical path activities be managed differently from noncritical path activities? Explain.
    • Provide your answers in a 3- to 4-page Microsoft Word Document, using APA style.
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