Week 8 Assignment – Final Paper: Research Paper

Part II


Your final research paper will be based on the topic of your choice selected in Week 2. You may include the readings assigned in this class to supplement your research.

Final Research Paper:

Write an 8-10-page research paper (excluding the title and reference pages) on the topic of your research topic choice selected in Week 2. By this time, you should have submitted your first 5 pages for grading and feedback. Once you receive feedback, make revisions accordingly and combine with the last five pages of your paper.

TurnitIn Information: Your paper will automatically be submitted to TurnitIn when you submit your paper through the “Assignment” section of the classroom. As a guide, the similarity score is the percentage of the assessment of your research paper that directly quotes other sources. It should be no more than 10%. Please note that this refers only to direct quotes within the body of the text and does not include the reference list or cover sheet. Anything more than 10% will be subject to evaluation and loss of points if plagiarism is detected.

Assignment Writing Rubric – located in the resources folder.

APA Style 7th Edition – materials found in the Resources folder


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