Why woman live longer than man


Women tend to live longer than men, but the question is why. The answer to that has many affecting variables , so there is no definite answer that will be applicable to all women.


Men are more likely to take on dangerous work because they are more capable of completing things in terms of strength. In addition to that, due to the stronger strength of men, they are able to take more risks in their jobs and achieve better results in otherwise difficult and dangerous jobs.


Women live longer than men genetically because of X and Y chromosomes(X means a longer life span). Women/females have two X chromosomes whereas men only have one X and one Y chromosome. X chromosomes are important to the brain and are linked to survival. However Y chromosomes are only found in men and do not serve a survival purpose.


Annually millions of people die due to smoking and smoke exposure. The majority of smokers are men meaning that on default more men will die rather than women. Smoking is one of the larger factors contributing to the number of male deaths.


There are many other reasons that males die earlier than women but this doesn’t apply to every male. Smoking, genetics and choice of work are just few of many reasons of why this is true. Many other factors have not been discovered yet but, does it really matter?

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