Wk 4 – Apply: Signature Assignment: Business Plan: Correspondence Memo

When businesses implement change, that change must start within the company. In order to gain alliance and facilitate change, managers must educate and inform internal staff of the reasons for the change and the proposed solution to the identified problem. As part of your Business Plan this week, you will write a Correspondence Memo for internal staff and develop a communication plan. Continuing with your Business Plan, incorporate your work and findings from your Wk 2 SWOT Analysis and your Wk 3 Consumer Needs Assessment in order to successfully communicate your identified problem and solution(s).


Compose an internal Correspondence Memo. In a 700-word document, complete the following:

  • Discuss the reason(s) for the change and the proposed recommendations (solution) to your internal staff, as well as staff expectations.
  • Develop a communication plan to inform internal staff of changes and explain how it will be delivered.
  • Propose the mode(s) of your selected communication plan and the rationale.
  • Propose a strategy for ongoing engagement with staff and leaders and the rationale.
  • Propose opportunities to demonstrate corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the rationale.


Submit your assignment.


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