Writing for Nurses M2-A1

Instructions for Selecting the Country or Community of Interest

You need to select a country from the list below (or US immigrant/refuge community) that will serve as the focus for the final paper. The same country/community will provide a focus for assignments that occur prior to the final paper. The thought is that the earlier assignments will assist to clarify aspects of the final paper. The chosen country/community will be the focus of the following assignments: (a) NGO Business Letter, (b) SDOH Impact Analysis which includes an email to another professional, (c) Annotated Bibliography, and (d) Informative/Persuasive paper.

The choice of a country or US immigrant/refugee community will provide the focus for several assignments in this course. The country you choose will be the focus of the NGO Business Letter, the Email to a Healthcare Professional, and the Informative/Persuasive paper.

1. Choose one of the following countries/communities

      • Kenya
      • Botswana
      • Ecuador
      • Peru
      • Thailand
      • Jamaica
      • Yemen
      • Paraguay
      • Sudan
      • Haiti
      • Somalia
      • A specific immigrant or refugee community within the US, e.g. immigrant children from the southern hemisphere or a Muslim group who has recently arrived in the US or non-vaccinated individuals as a population.

Note 1: If you have an interest in a country or community that does not appear on the list, seek approval from the TA/instructor before starting work on this assignment. In your request, please state your reason for your desired choice.

Note 2: Occasionally one’s choice of a country does not develop as expected. Consult with the TA/instructor of the course about changing countries. The final decision must be made during Week/Module 3.

2. Use both the list of suggested resources found in the Instructional Materials folder and other sources to learn about the selected country, the health of the citizens and/or the healthcare issues in the selected country/community. Helpful resources are:

Directions for how to use this website are below the map of the US that appears on the website.

3. Write a paragraph explaining why this particular country/community was selected. Specifically, what drew you to this country (or population)?

4. Write a paragraph specifying three (3) major health concerns or healthcare issues in the chosen country/community. Explain why these issues are a concern in the chosen country/community. COVID is not an acceptable health issue.

5. Choose ONE of the identified health concerns/healthcare issues to serve as a focus for the Informative and Persuasive paper. Discuss why this issue was chosen over the others. Make sure that your reasons are explicit.

6. The assignment will be four (4) to six (6) paragraphs in length. Support your reasoning with two (2) peer-reviewed references and citations. A properly formatted title page and a reference page are required.

7. Consult the following website if you are unsure about how to find peer-reviewed articles (https://libguides.library.ohio.edu/nursing/scholarly-peer-review).

8. Remember to use APA Manual 7th edition formatting and MUGS (Mechanics, Usage, Grammar, Spelling) guidelines when writing the paper.

 If upon completion of the country/community selection assignment, you find that you and the country are not compatible contact the TA/Instructor. Discuss the situation and determine if a change in selected country is appropriate.

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