Philosophy class

Questions 1-10  Each is worth 2 points

  1. No one can come to the party unless they are invited.

  2. Whenever the Giants win the people are happy.

  3. Wherever there are cowboys there are horses.

  4. No one can pass the test unless they study.

  5. Only children are allowed to come to the party.

  6. Being a scientist is not enough to win the Nobel Prize.

  7. There are students who don’t study.

  8. There are no cats who are logicians.

  9. A few contestants will win a prize

  10. Only the winners will get a prize.

  11. Symbolize the following into a standard-form categorical claim and determine the three corresponding standard-form claims (use the Square of Opposition). Then, assuming the truth value in parentheses, determine the truth value of as many of the other three as you an.

              Logic problems are fun. (assume to be True)       10 points

  1. Assuming that “All Martians are friendly” write down its converse, obverse, and contrapositive (with their truth values—true, false, or undetermined.

  2. What is the contrary of the obverse of “All scientists are cats.”

  3. What is the contrapositive of the contradictory of No cats are dogs.

  4. Make these two claims correspond to each other.

All students study hard.

Some people who do not study hard are students.

  1. All engineers are scientists.

Some scientists are not friendly.

Thus, some engineers are not friendly.

Draw the Venn diagram for this categorical syllogism and state if it is valid or invalid.

  1. No cats are musicians.

Some musicians are curious.

 Thus, some cats are not curious.

Draw the Venn diagram and state if valid.

  1. Consider this statement: Some women are not biologists.

Is “women” distributed or undistributed?

Is “biologists” distributed or undistributed.

Symbolize the following arguments in propositional logic and state if valid or invalid (Use capital letters to symbolize the statements and state what the letters mean).  Use the arrow (à) for :if…then”
19.  If today is Monday then there is a test.  Thus, today is Monday because there is a test.

  1. There will be a party tonight because if there will be a party tonight then today is Friday and indeed, today is Friday.

  2. If the book is on the table then the pen is on the shelf Thus, the pen is not on the shelf because the book is not on the table.

22 Since Mozart was not a great scientist, Einstein is not a great musician because if Einstein is a great musician then Mozart is a great scientist.

  1. If I will pass the test then I will go to the movies tonight, because I will pass the test then I will be happy and if I will be happy then I will go to the movies tonight.

Symbolize the following sentences into propositional logic using capital letters (and say what the letters mean)

24.  Either Jones is President or if Matthews is Secretary then Peters is Vice-President.



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