Statistics multi-part question

Academic integrity is a fundamental value of learning and scholarship at the University of Toronto.
Participating honestly, respectfully, responsibly, and fairly in this academic community ensures that
your UofT degree is valued and respected as a true signifier of your individual academic achievement.
Prior to beginning this term test, you must attest that you will follow the Code of Behaviour on
Academic Matters and will not commit academic misconduct in the completion of this test.
Arm your agreement to this by completing the following Statement:
By signing this Statement, I, (print your full name here),
(student number here),
agree fully to abide by the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters. I will not commit academic misconduct, and I am aware of the penalties that may be imposed if I commit an academic
The University of Toronto’s Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters outlines such behaviours that
constitute academic misconduct, the processes for addressing academic o↵ences, and the penalties
that may be imposed. You are expected to be familiar with the contents of this document.
Potential o↵ences include, but are not limited to:
Using any unauthorized aid, including a cell phone, or searching for answers online.
Looking at someone else’s answers,
Letting someone else look at your answers.
Working together to answer questions.
Sharing the exam questions or discussing answers with anyone else.
Misrepresenting your identity or having someone else complete your test or exam



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