Website design multi-part question

Scenario 1

There is a small shop down the road that sells different items such as sunglasses, wallets, shoes etc. Because of the Covid 19 pandemic, the owner of the shop finds it difficult attracting customers and consequently the number of visitors has become very low. Therefore, the owner decided to create a website to make it easier for customers to get their products selected through the website.

  1. The website will have a home page (htm) with a relevant theme and some paragraphs describing the purpose of the website. (Themeis the overall look, feel and style of a website representing its brand and has a good impact on its users.)

  2. There will be sufficient number of additional pages and each page will be linked according to the logical flow of the website.

  3. The website must include sufficient number of relevant images of the products and paragraphs explaining the individual products.



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