Writing Question

Research Critique Part II

Critique the same research study you used for Research Critique Part I. Use the Polit and Beck (2018) textbook to critique and explain/define the terms for each aspect of the study. Chapter 4 provides an overview of a research critique. The last paragraph of each chapter (beginning with chapter 5) discusses how to critique a specific aspect of the study. It is followed by a green box with critiquing guidelines. Appendix C presents a study and then a sample critique of that study.

Write in narrative form (full sentences). Use six level one headings to organize the paper. APA format required.

When doing a research critique, it is acceptable to put the reference for the article on the bottom of the title page. Do not cite the article within the body of the paper. All other resources (such as the Polit and Beck textbook) must be cited and referenced as usual.

  1. Research Design

    • Identify and define the overall type of research design that was used in your study (quantitative or qualitative). If qualitative, identify the specific type of research design (phenomenological, ethnography, grounded theory, etc.) and provide a brief description of it. If quantitative, identify the specific type of research design (true experimental, quasi-experimental, or non-experimental) and provide a brief description of it.

  1. Sample and Setting


    • Who is the target population?

    • What are the inclusion (eligibility) and/or exclusion criteria?

    • Identify and discuss the type of sampling used in the study?

    • What is the setting and is it appropriate for the study?



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